Our customisable 1461s come complete with a full accessories board featuring the GAFFER embossed ski buckle strap.

The GAFFER embossed ski buckle strap can be easily attached across the upper of each shoe by following these simple steps: 

1. Unclip your custom GAFFER utility strap from the accessories board

2. Position the longer side of the strap under the arch of the sole 

3. The smaller loop of the strap should fit nicely around the back of the shoe. 

4. Move the smaller strap down to the base of the upper to secure in place. (Please refer to images)

5. Simply push the buckle open to loosen and position centrally at the top of the laces.

6. Once in place, reposition the buckle and fasten. Then, adjust the back strap on the heel of the shoe to achieve the best fit.